We have an innovative approach to providing value

Our flanker brands provide adaptive, personalised luggage and tool case solutions

Our brands provide adaptive, personalised luggage and tool case solutions

At WLM International we have an innovative approach to providing value.
Below, our flanker brands are listed.



High-quality luggage, since 1981

Authentic, honest and open, Claymore has a rich and established history in designing tailor-made luggage solutions. Whether you're travelling for business or for pleasure, then Claymore has the personalised luggage solution for you. With an extensive product line, we cater for all types of travellers.

Claymore luggage

Adaptive travel solutions

For those who travel light, our extensive assortment of cabin luggage options meet the requirements of major airlines. While for those travelling on extended business trips, Claymore's mid-size quality luggage line is easy to check-in and remains manageable for bus and car trips. For longer extended trips further afield, then we recommend our large-size luggage options. But if that's still not enough, then our expander can provide you with up to 25% extra capacity when required.

Discover our latest collections and designs on www.claymore.eu

A personalised approach to travel

Say goodbye to the endless searching through a sea of camouflage at the airport baggage carousel. With Claymore, you can now create your very own trolley that's personalised just to your liking. Make it unique with something symbolic with our made to order solutions! Choose a photo, a symbol, a pet or trolley logo. Whether it's for personal use, your own company, or perhaps as an original gift idea, then look no further than the inspiring examples on www.claymore.eu



The original storm umbrella

At senz° umbrellas, we are dedicated to the art of designing and producing high-quality umbrellas and weahter related products. Since 1984 we have consistently honed our expertise in production and distribution of sustainable umbrellas.
Senz° offers supreme quality with the value our customers have long since come to trust in.

Senz - the original storm umbrella

The Ultimate Umbrella

The senz° umbrellas have been designed by three Dutch students, out of pure frustration with tradional umbrellas. Their lifelong dream rearranging the sky came true with the ultimate umbrella!

The senz° storm umbrella is the first aerodynamic umbrella. Due to its asymmetric design, the senz° storm umbrella automatically finds the best position in the wind, making it comfortable and easy to use, even in strong gusts. The patented construction makes the umbrella windproof up to 70 MPH. Additionally, the umbrella will not invert. The specially shaped 'eye savers' provides protection to dangerous tips and the aerodynamic shape of the umbrella gives the user an excellent view.

The original storm umbrella

The senz° original storm umbrella is your best companion in the rain and the finishing touch of your personal style. Playing with the wind has become not only easy and comfortable, it's a lot of fun too!

Experience rain as liquid sunshine. It makes senz°!
Enjoy the weather!

View all our storm umbrellas on www.senz.com



luxury leather goods since 1952

The leather collection from Partridge brings luxury and ease of use together into one stylish line. Tailored from the highest quality leather, at Partridge we select only the very best hides from which to work from. Using traditional tanning methods with hand-dyed leather, we ensure a stylish finish with a vintage look. Just like our time-tested workflow, the leather collection from Partridge is sure to stand the test of time.

Partridge leather goods

A rustic style that stands apart

Our line of leather goods flaunt both contrast and style. From the traditional colours and finishes to the inclusion of modern conveniences. The Partridge leather line stands apart and truly serves the dynamic needs of the 21st-century traveller.

It's that rustic image that sets the Partridge line apart. It's much more than a line of leather luggage options, Partridge is a style. And it's time to make your statement!

Visit our website www.partridge-europe.com



designing professional tool cases since 1952

Redgrip is one of Europe's leading designers of tool cases. With over 65 years of experience, we've been laying the firm foundations of our present-day range for some time. Our technical know-how coupled with that creative spark and supreme craftsmanship allows us to engineer smart solutions that meet and exceed the needs of professionals across a number of disciplines.

The Redgrip line consists of tool cases, bags, rolls and accessories, all available in several different hard-wearing materials. Whatever the job, whether you're a professional, or simply a DIY enthusiast, you'll be sure to find a tailored solution within the extensive Redgrip line.

Visit our website www.redgrip.com

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